How to Play 80 Ball Bingo Games

The 80-ball game uses 80 numbered balls in the game, and hence the name. It is one of those Bingo versions that has recently gained popularity on several Bingo sites. Falling in between the more popular 75 and 90 ball games, 80-ball version is similar to 75-ball game except for the two stark differences – the number of balls and the layout of cards. If you already play the 75-ball, understanding this version is a cakewalk.

It is also known as Shutter board bingo owing to the fact that shutters are used to cover the numbers called. This is only the case while playing offline. Most of the online sites use the colouring system in which each column is coloured – red, yellow, blue and silver (from left to right). But, we believe that life gets easier without this colouring system as there isn't any manual marking required, thanks to the auto-daubing feature that we provide.

The cards are made up of 16 boxes from four columns and four rows. Unlike 75-ball bingo game, every box is numbered randomly from 1 to 80. But, there is a column-wise numbering format maintained.

  • 1st column – 1-20
  • 2nd column – 21-40
  • 3rd column – 41-60
  • 4th column – 61-80
  • Winning the 80-ball bingo online game requires a player to complete any one line, any 2 lines, any 3 lines or/and finally full house (all the 4 lines). Only the horizontal lines or rows are valid.

    Any Line: The first player with one complete row is entitled to the first win.

    Any 2 Lines: The first player that covers any two horizontal lines in one single ticket is the winner for this category.

    Any 3 Lines: The first player with 3 lines entirely daubed wins this category.

    Full House: The player that covers all the four lines or all the numbers in a ticket gets the Full House.

    The prize amount is distributed among the above four groups in an ascending order – least for Any Line and most for Full House.

    Participating in the bingo game is much the same as with the other bingo online versions. You first select and enter the game of your choice to purchase tickets. You can buy at least 2 or more tickets as per your wish. Here's a tip – when in doubt, just pick your lucky number. And, that's all the work you need to do! Your game automatically begins, and there's a timer on display for reference.

    The game begins with the Random Number Generator (RNG) calling the numbers against which your tickets are auto-daubed simultaneously. All the game details including the current round, prize amounts, the winners for each round, each called number, etc. are displayed on the screen. Interestingly, there's a chat room available alongside that allows all our players to talk to each other as well as our loving chat hosts. If that's not enough, there are many bingo games conducted in these chat rooms wherein our players can stand a chance to win other prizes besides the game. So, it would make sense to check out our chat rooms for random games, and participate to amplify your chances of winning.