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Online bingo is a game that surpassed the popularity of all other games on the Internet. What is more interesting is the fact that the game can be played fervently even by a beginner as he or she gets an equal opportunity of scoring a win. Being an avid player in no way means that you get an advantage, it all depends on which way your luck turns. As the World Wide Web is full of bingo online sites, it's not surprising that so many variants of this game have cropped up on them. These variants cater to the different needs of online bingo games enthusiast from all walks of life. Here's a brief run down on the different online bingo promotions and variants.

90 Ball Online Bingo Games

It is the most popular variant of bingo in United Kingdom. Played on cards with a grid of 3 horizontal rows and nine columns, each row gives you 5 numbers. It has a total of 15 numbers on each card ranging between 1 and 90. Here, you get three chances of winning. In the chance, you can strike off one row of numbers to bingo on 1 line. Similarly, you can daub out two rows of numbers and win 2 lines. In the last section, strike out the entire rows and get a full house. Usually, jackpots are won when all the numbers on the cards are daubed out, when you get a full house.

80 Ball Online Bingo Games

Those who think 75 ball bingo is not enough and 90 ball bingo is a bit too much, this is just right for them. It adds 5 more numbers to 75 ball game and has a ticket of a 4 X 4 matrix of numbers. And there is a colour element in this game too. The four columns are usually of different colours - red, yellow, blue and silver.

75 Ball Online Bingo Games

Though this version is more popular with American and Canadian folks, it has seeped into the online bingo games scene and different sites including Landmark Bingo has embraced it. Adding a different flavour to the game lobby, it is played on tickets which have 5 horizontal lines and 5 columns. These columns have letters B, I, N, G and O written on top. However, there is section on the cards in the middle which contains star symbol instead of numbers. The numbers range between 1 and 75, totalling 24. There are also featured patterns in the tickets. If you manage to mark off the winning patterns, you get to take home a prize. The pattern can be anything from simple shapes to letters or numbers.

30 Ball Online Bingo Games

This variant is played for speedy thrill. The card has a grid with 3 rows and 3 columns, with a total of 9 numbers featured on it– between 1 and 30. This game is gaining popularity over other bingo games due to its short duration. Each round of the game gets over in a matter of minutes. It's also called speed bingo or mini bingo.

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